Discover Rhodes!

The perfect place for Vegan Travellers in Greece


According to Greek myth, when Zeus defeated the Giants, he decided to divide the Earth between the gods, only to mistakenly leave out Helios, God of the Sun. It was agreed that the next island to emerge from the sea would be his. As the story goes, the following day Rhodes rose from the Aegean and has been sun drenched ever since.


Rhodes Island is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece, long stretches of sand with crystal-blue water – many awarded with a Blue Flag and amazing sightseeing options. However, Rhodes is not all about sea and sun. Situated on the crossroads between the Aegean Sea and the Middle East, Rhodes has a long cultural heritage, reflected on its historical monuments and archaeological sites of Old town of Rhodes and Lindos.

Vegan and local nature

Vegan travellers who are fond to explore local nature shouldn’t miss the Valley of Butterflies, a unique natural landscape attracting a huge number of butterflies. Visitors can walk around paved paths, ponds, small inexhaustible waterfalls, and of course observe century-old trees covered with thousands of butterflies. Also, a visit in the magical place of Seven Springs, a natura-2000 protected zone, swamped in greenery and lakes is a must.